Comprehensive Support for Start-Up RCICs

Having worked extensively with RCICs, we have a deep understanding of your unique needs and challenges. This experience has enabled us to develop solutions that are not only effective but also aligned with the specific demands of your profession.

Start Ups

Secure your future in Canada as a business owner with our expert guidance for start-ups.

Business Immigration

Explore various Canadian Business Visa options with us and select the best one that suits your business needs.

Commercial Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for businesses, including market research, customized business plans and digital services.

Digital Services

We specialize in creating unique logos and offer custom website design and development. Additionally, our social media branding services help develop consistent and engaging strategies to enhance your online presence.

Brand Identity Design / Digital Branding

Logo Design and Visual Identity

  • We create unique and memorable logos that capture your brand's essence. Our process ensures your brand's values and personality are clearly communicated through well-crafted logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery. By understanding your target audience, we deliver a visual identity that stands out and resonates with your customers.
    Brand Assets Design
  • Our brand assets design service covers essential elements like business cards, letterheads, and packaging. We ensure each asset aligns with your brand’s visual identity for a consistent, professional look across all touchpoints. This consistency strengthens brand recognition and fosters trust among your clients.
    Website Design and Development
  • We offer custom website design and development tailored to your needs. Our team combines aesthetic design with functional development to create visually appealing, user-friendly sites. Our websites are optimized for performance and search engines, helping you attract and retain more customers.
    Social Media Branding
  • We develop comprehensive social media branding strategies to ensure consistency and engagement across all platforms. Our approach includes creating cohesive profiles, designing eye-catching graphics, and crafting compelling content. We optimize your social media efforts to increase reach, engagement, and brand loyalty.
  • Design Services Options

    Website & Corporate Identity Package

    • URL Registration & 1 Year Hosting
    • 3-Page WordPress Website
    • Including Unlimited High Quality Stock Images
    • Logo Design with 5 Revision Rounds Included
    • Letterhead & Business Card Design

    WordPress Website Design Package

    • URL Registration & 1 Year Hosting
    • 3-Page WordPress Website (Divi Theme)
    • Including Unlimited High Quality Stock Images
    • Includes 5 Revision Rounds

    Corporate Identity Package

    • Custom Logo Design – Choice of 3 Designs
    • Includes 5 Revision Rounds
    • Letterhead & Business Card Design
    • Jpeg & Vector Files Provided

    Customized Design Package

    • URL Registration & 1 Year Hosting
    • WordPress 10 Page Website
    • Includes 10 Revision Rounds
    • Including Unlimited High Quality Stock Images
    • Letterhead & Business Card Design

    Total Cost: $800

    Total Cost: $600

    Total Cost: $350

    Contact for Price

    Website Registration & Hosting

    We understand that navigating the intricacies of website establishment can be daunting. That's why we offer comprehensive assistance with website URL registration and hosting options. Whether you're launching a new website or looking to enhance your online presence, our team is here to guide you through the process. From selecting the perfect domain name to choosing the right hosting plan for your needs, we provide expert advice and reliable solutions to ensure your online venture gets off to a smooth start. Let us handle the technical details so you can focus on what matters most—building your brand and engaging with your audience

    Website Examples

    Business Registration Services

    • Branch/Rep Office Establishments
    • Assist with setting up branch or representative offices, ensuring regulatory compliance.
    • Incorporation Services
    • Provide support for incorporating businesses, ensuring smooth registration.
    • Bank Account Setup
    • Guide the establishment of business bank accounts, including document preparation.
    • Shareholders' Meetings Management
    • Prepare and manage minutes of shareholder meetings to ensure accurate records and legal compliance.

    Start-up Services

    • Idea Selection
    • Help refine and select business ideas with high potential.
    • Feasibility Study
    • Conduct thorough assessments to determine the viability of new ventures.
    • Executive Summary
    • Craft concise summaries to capture the interest of investors and stakeholders.
    • Financial Model
    • Develop detailed financial forecasts to aid in strategic planning and investment decisions.
    • Investor Business Plan
    • Create comprehensive plans to attract investors, including market analysis and financial projections.
    • Pitch Deck
    • Design engaging presentations to pitch ideas to investors and partners.
    • Strategic Business Plan
    • Develop long-term plans focused on achieving strategic goals and sustainable growth.